What is this blog

This is my private “home” page: I have at work another set of pages about research and teaching. I also have some old pages from the time I worked at the University of Jyväskylä and some very old pages from the times when I worked at at the University of Joensuu (Now University of Eastern Finland). These older pages are no longer of much use, but I keep them on line just in case someone (maybe myself) needs them. I do not maintain them any longer. I could extract from them the useful information and delete all the rest… but it would be a lot of work!

Where do I come from?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1956. As a child and boy I lived in Buenos Aires but spent the summers at the family farm. At the farm, at that time, there was quite a bit of research going on. Researchers from INTA were studying cattle diseases, weeds, soils, pastures, management techniques, etc. I would ride on the back of their pickup trucks and look at what they were doing… I guess that is how my interest in science was born. In 1975 I started my studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, at the Faculty of Agronomy. In 1982 I graduated as an Ingeniero Agrónomo. While I was student, I started working as a research and teaching assistant at the IFEVA. While there I did my MSc studies (1986-1988), and then moved to the University of Edinburgh for my PhD studies (1988-1991). After that I married Tarja and moved to Finland. We lived for three years in Suonenjoki (1992-1994) where I worked at the Finnish Forest Research Institute, and in 1995 we moved to Joensuu. We still live in Joensuu, but I now work in Helsinki. Our older daugther Rosa was born in Suonenjoki, and our son Tomas in Joensuu.

What do I do?

In my work I study plants, but I am in addition interested in birds and I like watching and photographing them when I have some free time (not much lately). I also like macrophotography of plants and insects.

I teach several courses at the University of Helsinki, and I enjoy teaching, and preparing all the material. I learn a lot in this way!

I also like working and playing with computers. I have written several programs, lately I have been writing R scripts and packages.

I also like electronic equipment and fixing computers and building equipment for my experiments with plants. Lately I have been working on projects based on Arduino and other microcontroller  based development systems.

We have an allotment and in the summers we spend most weekends looking after our flowers and vegetables, and cooking barbecues.

We like travelling.

I like listening to music, and reading.

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