Commlite products: how to waste money

Recently I wasted my money in buying two products branded Commlite. They are more expensive than equivalent products from other Chinese brands sold through eBay. The packaging is very nice, and includes a printed manual and warranty card, and the products themselves seem well finished and of better quality than the usual cheap Chinese photography accessories. But there is a catch, these accessories in most cases have gross design problems. Some do not work at all (those I bought), others based on user reviews I found in the internet, suffer from early failure problems.

The products look great and sometimes initially work as expected. Several on-line reviews are very favourable, I guess because the items have not been tested in actual use or very casually. In contrast many photography forum posts and user reviews are not that pretty.

In addition, I contacted Commlite support through the e-mail listed on the enclosed warranty card,, but they have not yet answered after almost a week. The eBay seller was not able to supply return labels, and was not willing to pay for tracked mail for the return, so I will not return the Commlite accesories and write two reviews instead so that others do not fall into the same trap.

First review will be a comparison of automatic extension tube sets for micro four thirds: Kenko DG (100 to 140 USD), Commlite (25 to 35 USD), and Pixco DG (20 to 30 USD). The second review will compare Four Thirds to Micro Four Thirds adapters: Commlite FT-MFT (45 to 75 USD) and Olympus MMF-3 (190 to 230 USD).


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